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Everything is just beautiful as it is because you are not your thoughts Eileen Dielesen web

“Everything is just beautiful as it is, because YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS . . . YOU ARE PURE LOVE, and it sings its melody quietly beneath the chatter of your mind.”

Eileen Dielesen, from her facebook page and womanwithadream.net


Although we may be pure LOVE, it does us little good unless we allow it out. If we hide the LOVE that underlies all of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, we will miss the greatest gift that we have. We may obscure our LOVE, so others have a hard time finding it, but those who care enough will still find the LOVE that we are.


I can go for a long time without noticing the LOVE beneath the chatter of my mind. If I don’t take time out to find it again, I might not notice it for a long time. In my heart, I know I am LOVE and that I was made out of LOVE, by LOVE, for LOVE. I believe that LOVE is all there is.


However, I must allow myself to experience the LOVE that I am. I need to feel my LOVE and help others with it. I am not satisfied to just claim that I am LOVE without doing anything with LOVE. Is it enough to care, to smile, to hug? I want to be a pure channel of LOVE, from God to mankind. I want to show the world how much God loves us. I want to be LOVE everywhere I go, every day.


“God, I ask your help in aligning my emotional body with my heart and with LOVE. I ask to be used to serve by being, doing, and giving LOVE on Earth. Show me how I can best be a channel of LOVE to humankind. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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