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What is love Love is the absence of judgment

“What is Love? Love is the absence of judgment.”

The Dalai Lama, posted on SolPurpose facebook page 5/26/14

Sometimes I can suspend judgment, and sometimes I can’t. Judgment seems to be an almost constant practice of my mind. My running self dialogue which identifies, names, and evaluates almost everything my eyes alight upon.

There is a direct connection between my judgments and my muscular tension. For every negative or fearful evaluation I make in my mind, I bring more tension to my muscles. For every loving, kind, or generous thought or feeling I have, I relax from being closed to being more open. The muscles throughout my body respond, without my conscious participation, to my thoughts. My autonomic nervous system is involved in this response, as it brings the electrical impulses to my muscles. Not only do my thoughts close my heart, but they stress every part of my body.

By spending more time focusing my thoughts on LOVE, I can help my autonomic nervous system and my muscular tension to relax and be more open. When I focus on LOVE and its unconditional quality in heaven, I realize there is no judgment of me. There is only support and LOVE for me, no matter what choices I make.  This makes it easier for me to stop judging others and circumstances.

“God, are you LOVE? Do you LOVE us all? Is there only LOVE in the Universes? Your realm of LOVE and Light helps me believe there is only LOVE. Thank you, God, for LOVING me unconditionally. I love you, too.”

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