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I am remembering what I have always known when something touches me spiritually

“LOVE is that sensation in the human spirit so profound that it allows us to forgive. And it may be the energy which keeps the stars in the firmament. I’m not sure. It may be the energy which keeps the blood running smoothly through our veins. I’m not sure. But it’s something beyond the explanation. It can be used for anything you can explain—any good thing you can explain.”

Maya Angelou, interviewed by Oprah Winfrey


Near-death experiencers have reported that LOVE is the force, energy, vibration of the universe, and that everything is made out of LOVE. It is more profound than we can even imagine while we are here on Earth. But, Maya Angelou and a few others have touched into that rare truth we will all know when we cross over to the other side.

Many people, who have not had near-death or other experiences of the other side, believe that only that which can be known through the five earthly senses is real. They may think LOVE is good, but they have no idea of the profundity and power of LOVE. They have no idea that LOVE is the basis for all reality, both physical reality and spiritual reality. Those who have near-death experiences of the LOVE try to compare it to the love we know here, but they cannot convey with words the enormity of LOVE.

Poets like Maya Angelou come closest to touching those places in us that know of the LOVE on the other side. We came from there and will all return to our true home in heaven. While we are here, we listen to poets and near-death experiencers to zing our heart strings with reminders of LOVE beyond our wildest dreams.

“God, reveal to us here on Earth the true power and profundity of your LOVE. Let us touch into that reality which is veiled to us normally. Help us to know how very deeply we are LOVED and how pervasive LOVE is. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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