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We signed up for this dance before we were born Billy Fingers fb

“We signed up to do this dance before we were born.”

Billy Fingers, quoted by Annie Kagan in The Afterlife of Billy Fingers


As I now understand it, we all came here from our eternal home, having chosen to take on a body and live a human life, according to our own soul’s plan. Rob Schwartz, who wrote Your Soul’s Plan, details case studies of the pre-life planning sessions for individuals now on Earth. This is an important part of understanding who we are and why we are here. Each of us has things we want to understand, try, learn, and accomplish while we are here. And, of course, we return to our eternal home after our earthly body dies, to resume our eternal life.


This explains a lot, but leaves so many questions. I want to know, if we signed up to do this dance, why don’t we know the steps, the rhythm, and the routine better? Why does it seem so difficult?


Meeting and LOVING our soul mate, or close member of our soul group, seems to be a goal of many of us. The only thing we don’t realize is that we and our soul mate chose what our challenges would be for this lifetime, along with who would be which sex and what our relationship would be: parent/child; siblings; spouses; friends, etc. As we grow, we seldom seem to choose easy lives.


From near-death experiencers, we hear over and over that LOVE is our reason for being here. LOVING another person on Earth, no matter how close their soul, can be challenging.



“God, help me remember that I signed up for this dance before I came here. Help me LOVE unconditionally over and over. Allow me to fulfill my soul’s purpose in this lifetime. And, if possible, to have a little fun, and less pain, along the way. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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