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I am happy to announce that Revelations of Profound Love is now ready for purchase. Go to the Trail of Hope Bookstore on the right under Menu to select your format. This book is for you, if you need more love in your life. It is filled with wonderful stories of the incredible love for all of us. People who have gone to heaven and returned can never forget the love they received and the reassurance they felt that they are always loved. They say we are never alone, that our love is our greatest gift we can give, and that our love never dies. If you know anyone who needs more love in their life, you can give them a great gift by getting them this book. We all can benefit by remembering what this book reminds us — who we truly are and how deeply we are loved.

4 Responses to “Revelations of Profound Love – now available for purchase!”

  1. Peter says:

    I just finished your book and found it excellent. I have read hundreds if not thousands of NDE accounts over many years since the 1970s. I like the way you used the words of the experiencers themselves – giving long in-depth accounts and then more succinct snippets from other NDEs to expand on the point being made.

    Clearly unconditional profound Love is at the heart of the NDE and at the heart of the nature of creation and the Divine Creator.

    However there are other themes that emerge from NDE accounts (e.g. having read many on http://www.nderf.org ) concerning things like Heaven & Hell and whether there is ultimate universal salvation from hellish realms; alien races throughout the universe/multiverse; reincarnation; role of Jesus; future transformation of this planet; evolution and how it fits with divine plan etc etc. So I wonder if you are considering doing a similar book on any other themes?

    • ellisann says:

      Hi, Peter!
      Thanks for reading my book! I am glad you liked it!
      You and I are kindred spirits, I guess. I never get tired of reading NDE accounts. I keep learning from them.
      I touched on reincarnation in this book. However, I was guided to hold off on addressing hellish accounts until a later book. If I were to write about it today, I would say that I now believe hell exists, but that no one is eternally relegated there. Those who returned to tell of their visits there say that, when they cried out for deliverance, they were heard and taken to the light, or they returned to their bodies. Glenda Green, in Love Without End: Jesus Speaks says that the hellish place is a choice and, based on free will, no one is required to go there or stay there. Nor is anyone required to go to the light. I guess, perhaps some are afraid of facing God, but they needn’t be.
      I still wonder about the role of Jesus. Everyone from earth seems to meet his risen self, so perhaps he is the avatar of earth. When the Bible says, no one goes to the father except through me, I have thought for a long time that that means the earth is held within the heart of Jesus, or governed by Jesus, in some way.
      I have also noticed that no one mentions meeting beings from other planets, so maybe the heaven that earthlings go to is just for us. It is obvious to me that beings from elsewhere are invisible to our human eyes, but are visible to each other and probably to us once we are out of our bodies.
      Future transformation of earth seems to be happening now. I believe this book is part of that transformation. Similar to the teachings of Jesus when he was on earth. Many others, of course, are contributing in many ways, too. I don’t know that I have enough stories that address future earth changes to make a book, though.
      An upcoming book will be a book of daily inspirations, but I haven’t received guidance beyond that.
      Thanks, again, for your comment and support.

  2. ellisann says:

    Dear Ann,
    I finished listening to your book on mp3, and I loved it! I will be re-listening to it, as there were so many places with “wonderful energy” in it! Thank you so much for writing this beautiful book, for putting together all these accounts in such a helpful way.
    So many of the stories “spoke” to me, and brought with them wonderful energy and expansion. I found that this was more true when there were longer accounts, more of the full account rather than just the shorter excerpts — and especially those where the individuals were describing being with the higher beings. Some of those were amazing.
    Even so, ALL of the observations and excerpts were very helpful.
    I wrote a review for Amazon — I don’t usually write reviews, but I really wanted to write this one. I hope that many, many people end up reading your book, and that many, many lives change as a result!
    In love, light, joy & harmony,
    ~ Christina JOY!
    P.S. I’m re-listening to the book a second time, and again, there are some very powerful energies coming up. It’s a real blessing for me — it means MORE JOY, MORE EXPANSION, and MORE LOVE!

  3. ellisann says:

    Hi Ann,
    I just wanted to let you know that I have benefited from your book already. I’ve been trying to work through an old grief for a couple of years now, and somehow, reading all the different people’s stories about their NDE has made it easier for me to find a happy place instead of a painful one.
    Thank you for writing your book!
    Susan Phariss
    Neurodevelopmental Specialist and Author of Have a Ball Learning