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“You must learn to end the wars in your world by ending them in your minds.”
You must learn to end the wars in your world by ending them in your mindsBarbara Marciniak, quoted on Unify facebook page

Is there war going on in your mind? Does your anger and resentment surface often? Do you go over and over how terrible and horrible something was? Do you hate those who inflicted pain and suffering on you or your loved ones? Do you wish bad karma, justice, or revenge on the perpetrator? I admit I do sometimes.

Barbara Marciniak challenges us to see our responsibility in the wars going on in our world. In Revelations of Profound Love, I quote a British soldier who died of starvation in the South Pacific during World War II and returned with new insight into war. He said, “Wars are always with us. At least I learned every one of us is responsible for them. If not directly, we acquiesce to them. Whether we can ever learn or desire enough not to war with one another is the big question.”

Some say that LOVE and fear are opposites. I say that everything is LOVE, but that fear makes it difficult to express our true selves—our LOVE. Probably all the hate in the world is based on fear. We don’t trust God to provide for us, as though God might not be prepared for certain emergencies or occurrences. The Bible story of Joseph interpreting the Pharaoh’s dream about an upcoming famine and the need to store up provisions in warehouses has been my excuse not to trust God, but to hoard food, water, and belongings. I also feel responsible for making sure that guilty people are punished. Only LOVE can make this a better world. Only LOVE can bring heaven to Earth. I want to find LOVE in my heart and send it to our world.

“God, help me LOVE the world enough to stop my verbal abuse of my loved ones, myself, and others. We are all interconnected, all part of the One. Help LOVE prevail in my heart, my mind, and my speech. Forgive me for blaming others for our world. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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