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Nature does not hurry Yet everything is accomplished

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

Lao Tzu, quoted on Open Spaces Sacred Spaces facebook page

There is an order to things, and you and I are part of that order. We are part of our individual plans, and we are part of many other greater plans. We are part of the whole, made of LOVE, as is everything that is made. The beautiful, intricate creation of which we are a part is unfolding exactly as it should.

Is there any way that I can perfect the plan? Can my anxiety or hurry accomplish anything more? It is not up to me to be more than I am. It IS up to me to allow my Light and LOVE to shine and thereby uplift the Earth. I am responsible for listening to my higher guidance, which steers me in the direction of the greatest good. Other than that, I am not responsible for fixing the world.

Nature can help us find peace, if we will enter into her heart. But first we must get out of the car, walk off the sidewalk, and follow the path into the woods. The woods, the meadow, the sea. I hug a tree. I try to eliminate anything man-made from my vision. Once I am alone with nature, I am content. I relax. I am never depressed in nature. The inherent order of things is clear. The fears, anxieties, and hurry of modern life are left behind.

“God, somehow I have worked myself into a bundle of nerves. I seldom relax and forget myself in something else. I want to experience the trust of merging myself into nature and feeling safe and cared for by you. Help me remember that you are in charge, not me. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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