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esquirealexanderI want to thank Barbara, Sandy, Nancy and everyone else who can still remember the important fact of Eben’s book and all of our stories.

When I published my book, Revelations of Profound Love in December of 2012, I was terrified for a week because I know the vitriol that is out there for anyone who dares to contradict our dominant culture and religion. So far, my book has remained below the radar, but if its message ever gets the recognition it deserves, I know my life and I can and probably will be torn to shreds. Although I am one of the most truthful people I know, I have not always told the whole truth. I have hurt people I wanted to help. Just like Eben Alexander.

But, I now also know there is a better way, and that is the way of unconditional love. As long as we honor our heads and logic and judgment more than we honor that overwhelming love, which I agree with Eben, dwarfs anything that happens here, we will miss the point.

I think Luke Dittrich and Esquire missed the point. However, they represent the dominant culture. Many will miss it and continue to think that finding each other’s flaws is the answer. Too bad for Earth, but true. There is a better way and a better place. There is a Higher Cause and I hope we can bring Heaven to Earth. We can do so by loving each other and ourselves enough to see something greater than judgment.

And this from me, who blames the medical system for many of our problems. Eben was part of that system. Now, he is part of something greater and he and we know it.

God bless us all.

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