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“I am a citizen of the world. My religion equals love. And my political view, is Oneness.”

Quoted on Humanity’s Team facebook page


I have always felt this way. Maybe it was because I drowned when I was two. Maybe not. However, I didn’t notice a lot of other kids having this viewpoint when I was growing up; or adults, since.


I now know that I am so much more. Thanks to near-death experiencers who courageously told their stories and to the researchers who carefully preserved thousands of accounts, I now know that I am truly a soul having an earthly experience. I now know that LOVE is even more important than we give it credit for here on Earth. I know that life is a wondrous opportunity to create the Earth we really want.


But, once we get here, we are initially stuck in very small, almost helpless bodies without the ability to communicate with adult humans. After what seems like a long time of growing bigger and more capable, we are finally given our wings, so to speak, when we reach adulthood. Only, by that time, we have lost much of our ability to communicate with our helpers on the Other Side. We have become jaded, we have lost much of our hope and sense of direction, and we don’t remember what we came here for.


Only slowly, do we get bits and pieces of clarity and vision about what we are here for, and we realize how limiting most earthly beliefs are. We begin to remember that we are so much more. That we came here for a reason, and that we are LOVE and connected to each other in one big whole.


“God, help me see through the veil that earthly beliefs keep over my eyes. Help me remember who I really am and that we are all so much more. Let me feel and know the Oneness of all, just as near-death experiencers feel and know we are One. Help me serve you as the highest vibration I know: LOVE. Help me know I am that vibration: LOVE. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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