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A peaceful heart expands peace on earth The Love Foundation fb

“A peaceful heart expands peace on Earth.”

Harold W. Becker, quoted on The Love Foundation facebook page

“Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me,” are words I sing every Sunday. I also believe we are all connected. But, do I take responsibility for peace every day? Some days, I spend the whole day trying to find peace and LOVE in my heart. Some days, they come easily. Some days, I start out in peace and LOVE, but allow myself to be pulled off course.

 Jeshua, the one we call Jesus, is channeled by Pamela Kribbe in Your Soul’s Gift by Rob Schwartz. Jeshua says, through Pamela, that, especially near the end of his life as Jesus, “I had to remain calm amid this interplay of forces and keep the vibration of peace alive in my heart.” He goes on to say, “You are alive today because your soul wants to help humanity ascend to heart-based consciousness.” As you “use your consciousness to approach the most difficult emotions [you have] with understanding and compassion rather than with fear and resistance, you may become aware, generally after some time has passed, that they have been extremely valuable teachers for you. You may even thank your soul for putting them in your life path. The state of thankfulness in your heart shows you have really understood the meaning of a particular life challenge. The peace you feel toward the experience will enable you to help people who face similar challenges.”*

“God, my heart resonates to your LOVE and your peace. Help me find and hold the peace that passes understanding, while I am here on Earth. Help all on Earth know your Peace and your LOVE and know that is who we are. Thank you, God. I love you.”

 *Your Soul’s Gift by Rob Schwartz, 32-34.

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