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Get out of your head and into your heart Think less feel more Osho on Spirit Science fb

“Get out of your head and into your heart. Think less, feel more.”

Osho, quoted on Spirit Science facebook page


We have been trained to look to reason for answers, rather than to LOVE. It has been shown that our hearts contain an intelligence of a higher caliber than our brains. When we listen to our hearts, we come from a place of LOVE and Light, which is higher than earthly logic.


There are many reasons our dominant culture has chosen to honor logic and reason above LOVE. First of all, feelings such as LOVE are more difficult to quantify, pin down, and measure than facts. Also, women are more adept at observing, expressing, and honoring feelings than men, and a patriarchal society prefers to value traits at which men excel. Furthermore, it is difficult to inculcate others with the feelings which the culture deems correct and acceptable. By denying feelings, such as LOVE, a society can exert more control over its members.


Consequently, the better “educated” we are, the more likely we are to turn to our heads for answers to life’s most important questions as well as for solutions to everyday dilemmas. In order to honor the LOVE that we are, that we have, and that we came to earth to express and learn from, we must retrain ourselves to see LOVE, feel LOVE, and listen to LOVE in our lives. It will be an endeavor well worth undertaking, for the benefit of our souls, others and the earth.


 “God, help me notice more often that I have a heart and learn to listen to it. It knows what is good and what is beautiful, and I want to become attuned to goodness and beauty. I want to transcend my head and tune into those things that make my heart sing. Help me hear its song. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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