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God is not about religion God is about love

“You are here on Earth not just to help yourself but also to make a contribution to humanity. Know that you are needed. Indeed, I need you to complete my mission. The purpose of my life was to introduce and pass on the Christ energy, which is larger than I, to people who would, in turn, pass it on to others. My arrival was meant to bring in the seeds of a new consciousness. You were meant to receive these seeds and let them blossom in your own heart so that others would be touched by them in the same way. The rebirth of Christ is nothing more than the birthing of heart-based consciousness within you.”

Jeshua, known as Jesus, channeled by Pamela Kribbe in Your Soul’s Gift by Rob Schwartz 

I believe our world is moving, slowly but surely, from mind-based consciousness to heart-based consciousness. Each one of us is being exposed, more and more, to those who speak from their heart. We are learning to listen to our own hearts for guidance in our lives. We are beginning to trust our hearts to know what is best for us, rather than second-guessing all our ideas according to what our culture has taught us.

We know what hurts our hearts, no matter how much we are encouraged to listen to reason rather than our feelings. We know what is true, as well, even when we are told that the opposite is true. Sometimes, it seems that those with the most education and the most money are the most inculcated and the most invested in the status quo. Those in power are no longer speaking for or from their hearts, and they are losing their power.

It is not easy to change to heart-based consciousness, but listening to the voice of LOVE every day is a start. Asking, what would LOVE do, at each decision point. Looking at the world with the eyes of LOVE helps us see the beauty all around us. We can do this.

“God, this world needs heart-based consciousness more than ever. Help us make the switch before it is too late. Help our leaders and ourselves lead with our hearts, not our heads. Our hearts know what is important, and that will never change. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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