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“Our loved ones are always with us. We might not see them, but we can feel them, sense them, or even smell their familiar scent. It’s not true when they say we die and leave our dear ones behind. Love never dies… and neither do we.”

Lyn Ragan, author of Wake Me Up: Love and the Afterlife,

quoted on the book’s facebook page


Our loved ones want us to know that they are fine. That they are more than fine, they are fantastic! They want us to know how free, young, and vigorous they feel. That the LOVE where they are now is incredibly strong and that they can bring this LOVE to us whenever we want or need it.  They can still see us, even if we can’t see them, and they are with us. They are closer than we think. They are in an invisible realm that is right here with us.


Their availability to us does not mean that they can’t do other jobs and spend time with Jesus and God. Somehow, they can see us from wherever they are and whatever they are doing. They can tell when we need them or think of them, and they are immediately by our side.


Although we keep our basic personality in the afterlife, and throughout all our incarnations, we do not bring our negative emotions with us to the afterlife. At the higher vibration in the Light, we perceive the good and LOVE in all things, and understand the challenges and limitations we all operate under on Earth. Once they understand why things are this way, they forgive and lose interest in retaliation, revenge, and rehashing old hurts. They only take LOVE with them when they go there, because LOVE is of that higher vibration and survives the transition.


“God, hi! I am so happy to remember your LOVE and Light and the glorious life my loved ones are enjoying with you and Jesus. Say Hi to everyone I know and LOVE and thank them for all the support they have given me from that side. Give them my LOVE. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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