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Love is your essence The Love Foundation fb

“LOVE is your essence, and no matter how far your mind may wander from it, you are never separate.”

Harold W. Becker’s quote on The Love Foundation facebook page 11/24/14


We are not limited by what our minds can understand. In our world, called Earth, we have the opportunity to work within duality. There is only one way we can escape the illusions of duality, for even a moment, and that is through LOVE. LOVE exists in all its glory outside the finite limitations of duality. Although it can be perceived from our world, LOVE is severely dimmed by the veil that separates us from the Other Side.


The only place that duality does not enter is our hearts. Our hearts are connected to the Other Side by LOVE, which knows no dualistic other.*  Some call it eternal LOVE, or true LOVE, or unconditional LOVE, but real LOVE holds no pain, no fear, no loss. I use all caps to refer to real LOVE, but, in fact, all LOVE is real LOVE, no matter how diminished it is


Some say that fear is the opposite of LOVE because it is difficult to experience LOVE while experiencing fear. Fear is one of the things that dims LOVE’s glory in Earth’s dualistic set-up. No matter how fearful we are, though, or how much our mind is convinced that we and others and all creation are NOT made out of LOVE, they, we, and it still ARE made out of LOVE. LOVE is all that exists, even here in this dualistic realm. To the degree that we acknowledge LOVE in others and all that surrounds us, we can also accept that LOVE is our essence and attract LOVE to us.


 “God, as I acknowledge my existence here as a representation of LOVE, I accept LOVE as my essence, and I attract LOVE to me. As I acknowledge LOVE all around me, I begin to see how LOVINGLY everything was created for my benefit. I accept your LOVE, and that I am LOVE. Thank you, God. I love you.”


*With appreciation and acknowledgment of this phrase and other ideas herein from Jon Kirby’s comment on The LOVE Foundation’s facebook post, 11//24/14.

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