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There is life after death and its beautiful Matt Fraser fb

“There is life after death and it’s beautiful. It is a place where happiness abides and all are healed and reunited.”

Matt Fraser, Psychic Medium, on his facebook page


Matthew Fraser is a young man in New England who is a psychic medium. He has spoken to many people on the Other Side and delivers messages to large audiences regularly. He discovered his gift when he was around 4 years old, following in the footsteps of his maternal grandmother. Although his is not a traditional career, he is grateful to be able to deliver messages to so many people.


Matthew has learned from those he has spoken with on the Other Side about heaven and what it is like. What he reports is consistent with what near-death experiencers report. On his website, he answers some questions about life on the Other Side. One question is, “Are they still mad at me?” And his answer is “No,” they only LOVE you now. None of the anger, frustration, misunderstanding, resentment, etc. remains once they get to the Realm of LOVE and Light. All that is left is the LOVE they still have for you, but even that is more pure and powerful than when they were on Earth. On the Other Side, all is healed and LOVE is restored fully and brightly.


All are reunited, even our pets are there for us. Our loved ones who were estranged from us on Earth are no longer estranged. They don’t look at us funny or reluctantly when we arrive. Their LOVE is bright and beautiful and they are not ashamed of who they were here. They are just happy to see us and filled with LOVE for us.


“God, thank you for restoring LOVE in its purest form when we get to the Other Side and are home again with you. While we are here on Earth, we try very hard to represent the LOVE that we are, but the challenges are great. It will be such a relief to be able to give and receive LOVE once more without barriers. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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