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The tiniest heart can give so much love

“Beyond all reason is the mystery of love.”

Robin Craig Clark in The Garden

Our dominant culture wants to apply reason to everything, but there are some things that are beyond and above reason. The human heart has been revered through the ages as the seat of the soul and of wisdom. Only in the last century has the brain been thought of as our most important and powerful organ.

The heart with its power of LOVE has knowledge far beyond the brain. The brain can dissect and break things down, but the heart and LOVE can mend and bring things together. The brain can process information, but the heart alone can receive or create new ideas. Listening to our brain can keep us in fear, but listening to our heart can make us happy.

LOVE is not limited to the heart, but seems to originate or reside there. LOVE actually transcends the human body altogether. It existed before we did and it surrounds us, wherever we are. Near-death experiencers speak of it being our innermost essence and at the core of our being, as well as being the energy or substance from which all things are made.

LOVE is eternal and infinite and does not follow the laws of physics which are based on limited supply. The more LOVE you give away, the more you have. To us on Earth, LOVE is a mystery. We are incapable of understanding with logic and reason the enormity of the LOVE near-death experiencers talk about. We can only tap into it, through meditation and practice, and feel it in our hearts. We will never be able to quantify or contain it using human words. Only poets and lovers come even close.

“God, I will never understand or grasp fully either you or LOVE, but I want to live in LOVE and be filled with LOVE. Fill me and let me feel your LOVE. Help me expand  into your LOVE and express it here on Earth. And bring me into the fullness of your LOVE some day when I come home to you. Thank you, God. I love you, too.” 

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