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walk alone at shoreline

“Even the water is LOVE, Daddy. It is everything. LOVE flows like water there.”

Personal correspondence, third hand, from a father in Florida whose young daughter remembered life before coming to Earth 

Children all over the world have memories of previous Earth lives or of life in another realm prior to coming to Earth. This is not unusual. What is unusual is having a safe place to share these accounts. Children often tell their parents what they remember before coming to Earth, but until now, parents have advised their children not to talk about them to others. Parents would seldom  believe their children and share these stories with other parents. No wonder parents thought their children were the only ones with such fantastic stories.

Now, people are beginning to honor and believe stories of another realm where we lived before coming to Earth and to which we will return after our bodies die. In this place, we are learning, LOVE is everything. And those who have been there, say that everything is made of LOVE, both there and here.

“LOVE flows like water,” as this young child told her father, is a good analogy because on Earth, water is ubiquitous. If water is in its liquid form, it flows across the surface of things, but as water vapor, it is everywhere in our atmosphere. Our bodies are even made largely of water. Likewise, LOVE is ubiquitous here, flowing over and around us all, all of the time. Sometimes we can see LOVE on the faces of people, but often it is invisible. Let us remember that LOVE flows like water here, too.

“God, I will never forget the day I felt LOVE flowing into me, like a river of water, until I was filled with LOVE to overflowing. I cling to that memory and the knowledge of how much I must be LOVED. Pour your LOVE into me every day so that I may be a beacon of LOVE and Light to others. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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