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Acceptance serves as a bridge between the mind and the heart“As the most powerful energy in the universe, LOVE IS Creation, and where there is light, darkness simply cannot exist.”

Matthew, quoted in Illuminations for a New Era by Suzanne Ward 

Today, I was introduced to a new idea: that cancer can be LOVED so much that it will leave your body. At first I didn’t grasp the concept, but now that I think about it, it makes sense. LOVE and Light raise the vibration of our bodies, minds, and spirits. With enough LOVE and Light in our bodies, I don’t think cancer will feel welcome any longer. It will not match our vibration and will not be needed.

I have heard that cancer and other afflictions of the body take a foothold within us in response to our own energy fields. Anita Moorjani saw that her cancer was the result of living a life of fear—mostly fear of not pleasing other people, especially her parents. In her book, Dying to Live, she says that, since her near-death experience and miraculous recovery from cancer, she chooses to live her life fearlessly. 

If LOVE is the most powerful energy in the universe, LOVING everything about ourselves is the first step to preventing and overcoming cancer. Fear, worry and fighting (even cancer) are not conducive to wellness. Filling our minds and bodies with LOVE and Light helps us relax and feel more peaceful, warm and tingly. In this environment, our bodies can heal themselves. Spend more time thinking about the people and things you LOVE and LOVING them.

“God, your LOVE and Light can dispel the darkness within us and without. Help us to fill our hearts daily with LOVE and Light so that our bodies can function optimally. Help us lift ourselves and others up into your LOVE and Light so we may all receive our highest good. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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