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Love and gratitude are of the highest vibrations The Master Shift fb

“LOVE and gratitude are of the highest vibrations.”

Dr. Masaru Emoto, quoted on The Master Shift facebook page


Dr. Emoto discovered a way to photograph crystals of water/ice, and he observed that some crystals were perfectly balanced, symmetrical, and very beautiful. Others were warped in some way, making them almost ugly. Then he discovered that giving LOVE and appreciation to the water produced more balanced crystals. He concluded that the vibrations of LOVE and gratitude, being the highest vibrations, yield the most perfect crystals.


So it is with our lives. Bringing the vibrations of LOVE and gratitude to our lives makes them more balanced, symmetrical, and beautiful. There are many ways to do this. Dr. Emoto found you could say, think, or write LOVE and appreciation, all of which carry the vibrations, and the water would respond to all three. We can write LOVE and appreciation on pieces of paper and post them around our house, so we will see them often, surrounding ourselves with these vibrations. We can repeat the words out loud or silently to ourselves 100 times each day, or we can say or think them whenever it occurs to us. We can listen to a recording of ourselves saying them or of someone else saying them.


We can express LOVE and appreciation for anything. If this is difficult to do with sincerity, find one thing each day and write about  LOVE and appreciation for it. Expressing LOVE and appreciation for ourselves can help our bodies realign their cells so as to be more balanced, symmetrical and beautiful. As we relax tension from fear of not being good enough, we are able to really be ourselves.


“God, I am grateful for you, for my guides, and for my LOVED ones in spirit. I ask your help in identifying and expressing LOVE and appreciation for earthly things. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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