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Listen openly Make plans Love always Anna Taylor fb

“Listen openly. Share passionately. Make plans. Be flexible. Live truthfully. Love always.”

Anna Taylor, quoted on her facebook page

 Near-death experiencers often return to their lives understanding that life is for living—fully and LOVINGLY. They tell us that the most important thing we are to do in this lifetime is to LOVE. And they say that LOVE is the only thing we can take with us when we return to our home on the Other Side. We also take our memories and our knowledge. But so much knowledge is available just by asking questions over there that we have our own Wikipedia with us at all times. However, our LOVE goes with us from this side to the Other Side and lives on forever.

One near-death experiencer, quoted in Revelations of Profound Love, said she was afraid to start any projects because she had Guillain-Barre syndrome and knew she might die young. She had a near-death experience while she was hospitalized and very ill, and it convinced her to live life fully, no matter how much time she had left.* I think I have lived my life the way she was living before her NDE, knowing I would die soon enough and only half living. At least I have always been conscious of death and the Other Side.

Most near-death experiencers re-evaluate their values and interests after they return, and a few pine away for heaven, but most live life even more fully after their NDE. Truth, compassion, helping others, and LOVING everyone and everything are some of their new values after they come back.

“God, I want to live life more fully while I am here on Earth. I want to appreciate this opportunity, as I did before I came here. I want to live and love and enjoy all this Earth has to offer. Help me embrace this life more fully. Thank you, God. I love you.” 

* Revelations of Profound Love, pp 26-30.

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