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According to a recent To save the world love a woman really love hernews report, classical pianist Fazil Say insulted Islamists, who make up the ruling party in Turkey, by making fun of their beliefs about heaven having wine and women (see below).

What is the truth about heaven?

Near-death experiencers say it is hard to describe heaven, now that they have returned to earth, because it is far beyond our ability to comprehend its wonder.

However, I have never heard any near-death experiencer talk about sex in heaven, or wine either. It is my understanding that love is so great between all residents of heaven that sex is not needed to express it.

I did hear one account where the person said you could create and enjoy any food you wanted, quickly and easily. Before I heard this account, I had to tell a hospice patient I didn’t know when she ¬†asked me if we retain our sense of taste in heaven, though I told her I had heard references to the ability to see, hear, smell, and touch. So far, this is the only account I have encountered with food. Presumably if you wanted some wine to go with your food, you could enjoy that also. Perhaps, in fact, excellent wine, beyond what you could afford or is even available on earth.

Istanbul, Turkey 4-15-13 (CNN)¬†— An Istanbul court slapped a world-renowned musician Monday with a 10-month suspended sentence for posting a series of tweets that poked fun at Islamic descriptions of heaven.

Classical concert pianist Fazil Say, 43, was found guilty of “openly insulting the religious values held by a portion of the public” for the tweets, which were posted last year.

“Although I am innocent and have not committed any crime, this decision I received is more worrisome for the freedom of expression and belief in Turkey than it is to me as a person,” Say wrote in a statement posted on his Facebook page. The sentence marks a “very sad day for freedom of expression in Turkey,” Say’s lawyer Meltem Akyol told CNN. “We were expecting an acquittal.”

“Freedom of expression does not entitle you to condescend or offend or insult people,” countered plaintiff Ali Emre Bukagili. “That’s a crime.”

Say’s tweets included: “You say the rivers will flow with wine, is heaven a tavern? You say each believer will receive two women, is heaven a brothel?” according to the indictment.

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