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“Intuition is the language of the soul. Is your soul trying to get your attention? Trust what you are feeling.”

John Holland, on his facebook page, Psychic Medium John Holland

I have a lot of questions about where my guidance comes from. There are so many on the Other Side who LOVE me, I don’t always know who is providing the answers to my questions. I often ask questions in the form of prayer to God, and get answers best when I am taking a shower. Is it God who is answering all my questions, or does God delegate to angels, guides, teachers, masters, or my higher self? Sometimes I ask questions through muscle testing or my pendulum. Who is answering those questions, by making my pendulum swing forward and back for Yes or side to side for No? Likewise, when I “table tip” with friends, sometimes we know who the spirits on the table are, and sometimes we don’t. There, in answer to my question, a tip is a Yes and remaining still is a No.

The guidance I receive unbidden may come from any of a number of sources. My guardian angel watches over me and offers suggestions from time to time. Guardian angels have been known to intervene in times of life and death, but usually their input is more subtle. Does the portion of my soul still in heaven, or my higher self, also make suggestions?

Do I listen to my guidance, wherever it comes from? Often, I do not. Last Saturday I had the thought I might need antacid tablets, as I left the house, but I didn’t take any with me. The result was a case of heartburn that was uncomfortable for several hours until I got home. My friend, on the other hand, had the thought to bring some of her business cards when she left for a meeting with a new group. Although she didn’t anticipate needing them, she was able to give out quite a few cards that evening because she acted on her guidance.

“God, thank you for guiding me every day of my life. Help me connect more with my guidance, so I know what is best for me. The highest good for all concerned is my goal. Show me the way. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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