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Be so busy loving God and others you dont have time for disappointment

You may not understand someone, but you don’t have to understand them to love them. You don’t have to agree with them to accept them. That’s why it’s called unconditional.”

Joel Osteen, quoted on Joel Osteen Ministries facebook page 

As I delve more deeply into the blocks I have to LOVING fully, I can see that my own decisions based on past disappointments are blocking not only my LOVE but my happiness and peace as well. I realize that it is not the other person who is unlovable, but it is my own beliefs about how lovable I am that make it hard for me to LOVE everyone.

I capitalize LOVE because higher LOVE is different from conventional human love. Human love is often limited, doled out as a reward for compliance with our demands. But, higher LOVE is unconditional. In fact, near-death experiencers report that on the Other Side, an explosion of LOVE is available for everyone and it comes from all we meet there. No more niggardly affection if you do as I wish. Full, hearty, non-judgmental, non-exclusive LOVE for us all.

As I embrace and trust LOVE and life, I am joyful, peaceful, and content. As I release my old beliefs about myself and find the LOVE that was hiding in my heart, I become more LOVING. My LOVE is not dependent on any behavior or characteristic of other people. All beings are LOVABLE to a LOVING heart.

“God, help me LOVE your children. Help me see that each one is LOVABLE and deserves LOVE, as do I. Help me open my heart to LOVE and life and discover all the beauty, grace, and poetry of this world. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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