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“To have power has to do with arriving at a goal and still remaining whole as a person—not trading away aspects of yourself that you believe in to  please another person or a corporation. If you lose your balance and move out of your center, you may have attained a job or a spouse, but you have lost your soul. To truly have power, you must first LOVE yourself enough to stay in your own center of truth.”

LOVE and POWER by Lynn Andrews, p 21

Does LOVING someone require me to give up parts of myself? LOVE is often misinterpreted to mean giving in. However, LOVING someone from a place of strength brings more support, more passion, and more fun into a relationship. The degree to which I retain my personal power affects all my relationships, but especially my romantic relationship.


Do I LOVE myself enough to stay in my own center of truth? Am I well enough established in my practice of raising my vibration to that of LOVE to trust myself to do so, no matter what? When I am swept away by LOVE, can I remember to ask, “What would LOVE do?” LOVE knows the answer to this question, and will provide it when I ask sincerely and wait for an answer.


Maturity helps me retain balance, even when my wildest dreams come true. I must still listen to my own truth and speak my truth, with LOVE. I must still remember the source of all LOVE. I must already have a relationship with Source and know that I am LOVE. These things are the sources of my power and my ability to remain whole as a person, through all the phases of my life.


“Hi, God! You are my joy and my delight. And, your creations delight me as well. I am so glad that I am learning to LOVE myself and all life, and to raise my own vibrations, so my experience of life can always be joyful. I am learning not to depend on another’s moods, but to raise my own mood and thereby support others. Thank you for always being there to bring me higher, no matter what. I LOVE you, God.”To speak from ones heart

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