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Anger is an acid Dont hold on to it

“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.”

Psalm 51:10

I needed to ask God to renew a right spirit within me. And I did so just in time. I was spewing negativity on my LOVED one over a few small irritations that had gotten under my skin that morning. And they weren’t even things he had done. I told him what had irritated me, two things that were done unintentionally by others, but I couldn’t seem to let my irritation go. He said, “So you’re going to take it out on me.” I was in serious danger of digging up more things I didn’t like. So I said silently to myself, “Renew a right spirit within me, God,” and it worked. I didn’t have one more negative thought.

 I am not saying that we should sweep all of our anger and irritations under the rug. There are times they need to be brought out and expressed. My friend shared her PVC pipe with me today, for hitting the bed and expressing buried anger. And, boy, did I find some! She is very intuitive and had been guided to help me realize one source of buried anger in myself. She did so gently, and then offered the pipe to use on her spare bed. I tried it out, and sure enough, there was some anger and some thoughts I didn’t know about! Anger from my childhood, still in me, coloring all my interactions with others ever since.

Knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em is important in LOVING relationships, which means all relationships. When do I express my anger? And when do I work on my attitude and choose to express my LOVE instead? My guess is that most of my anger is coming from that buried deep within me, and the person in front of me is relatively innocent. If I weren’t so angry, I could express my needs in a calmer, more considerate way, without the desperation I often feel. And my LOVE would come to the surface more easily.

“God, I want to uncover and release my buried anger so those I LOVE don’t have to wonder when I will get angry next. Help me release my anger so my LOVE can surface. You created me to be a LOVING person, and my LOVE is too often buried beneath anger and sadness. Help me release my LOVE, God. Thank you. I love you.”

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