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An alchemist transforms everything with love

“You can’t be concerned about the outcome.”

Thomas Gates, founder of Healing Spectrums for Health and Wholeness, www.thomasgates.com, personal communication July 19, 2014 

Thomas Gates received a gift from his near-death experience. He discovered that he had golden light present in his body and that people he directed the golden light to were able to heal more quickly. He feels that the golden light enlivens the person’s own natural healing processes to release physical pain, trauma, and illness. Some recipients also reported a state of deep peace and expanded awareness.

Thomas acknowledges that he is not the one doing the healing. And, as he said, you can’t be concerned about the outcome. This is an important premise for those in the helping professions and for anyone who hopes to be of service to others. I have also experienced this working as a hospital and hospice chaplain.

I try to always set my intentions prior to doing any work. I also ask for divine guidance and assistance for myself and for all involved, as well as for the assistance of my own and the recipient’s higher self and guides. I might ask for permission from the recipient’s higher self. A good prayer is, “I ask for the highest good for all concerned.” If I am offering a service to the public, I ask that those who could benefit would be led to attend. I then offer my service, in all humility, giving all I have to give, but knowing the power does not come from me alone. And I release any concern for the outcome and any thought that the outcome is a reflection on me. Sometimes the highest good for the individual soul is not what I might guess or believe. My offering is in the hands of the divine to use in accordance with the plan.

“God, as I do the work I have been given, I ask that your will be done. I ask for guidance and assistance. Fill my mind with thoughts and my mouth with words that fully and beautifully reflect your LOVE. Help me touch the hearts of those who hear me and help me bring my listeners what they need. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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