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Boundaries are about loving ourselves even if we disappoint others

“You never have to convince anyone of anything, ever.”

Deepak Chopra, quoted on terricole.com 

When my friend said it is fine for Stephen Hawking to not believe in God, my mind couldn’t grasp that concept. I tried, but felt my mind was stuck in a groove based on my training and my fears. Now I notice that Deepak Chopra’s quote above is also difficult for me to process. Of course, logically I can accept its truth, but emotionally, I find it challenging.

I spend a lot of time justifying, in my head, what I am doing. Often, I find myself arguing, in my own mind, with some unknown person about why I am doing whatever it is I am doing. I have always felt it was necessary to have an alibi or justification, in case I was ever asked about it. I have also noticed that I think everyone should agree with me, once I have figured something out. I don’t seem to have much space to allow others to disagree with me. To allow others to do their own thing and me to do mine.

Terri Cole suggests that what I feel, what I want, and what I need are valid, no matter what another thinks. Some say the soul chooses to come to Earth to experience such things as emotions. I think I am experiencing fear of being judged and of blame. It is often difficult to distinguish between emotions triggered by something in this life and emotions triggered by something in a past life. But, if an emotion gets triggered, it is coming up to be addressed, wherever it originated. The first step in dealing with emotions which emerge at an inappropriate time or with inappropriate energy behind them is noticing one’s own behavior.

“God, I want to unload baggage that runs my life and doesn’t serve me. Help me unload my fear of being judged and blamed. Heal my body, my mind, my emotions, and my spirit, as I release this fear, to better serve myself and you. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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