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When you have been really close to someone you recognize their soul no matter what form it takes Billy Fingers fb
Near-death experiencers call the Other Side our true home. They say we come to earth from there and return there when our life here ends. They describe their form when they are over there. Initially, they still have a body-shaped form, but it is made of light and is translucent. Later, most take on a spherical shape, like the orbs that many here are able to photograph now.
We on earth can’t imagine how we can recognize each other, if we don’t look the way we did on earth. It seems that we can appear to others in the way they are most familiar, as our earthly selves, but without handicap, injury or age.
When near-death experiencers meet others on the Other Side, they most commonly call them Light Beings. They may be humanoid or just spheres of Light. But they often say they are familiar to them. Sometimes they say that a Being of Light knows everything about them and LOVES them anyway.
Sometimes, they identify the Being they meet as Jesus or God. Jesus usually appears like his pictures, but God appears as a man or woman or just a field of Light. Deceased loved ones usually appear as themselves on earth, but younger.
When we decide to incarnate again to continue learning on earth, we may consult with other souls in our soul group and decide to meet again on earth. I know one woman who vowed with her husband in another life that they would never be separated, and they have been married in at least 3 lives together, including in the present one.
I don’t think we incarnate as animals after we have progressed to being humans, but the mystery of how we find each other remains. If we don’t look the same, and may not even be the same gender, how can we recognize each other. The woman who has done this said she knew her husband was the one she knew was waiting for her within days of meeting him. The comfort level, the connection, the understanding of one another are all clues.
“God, help us find our loved ones in this life and reconnect with those we have loved before. We yearn to feel connected and to know we are not alone. Give us the joy of reconnecting and having a soul-felt partner. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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