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Acceptance serves as a bridge between the mind and the heart

“When you step out of judgment into acceptance, you begin to perceive the beauty that is always around you.”

Panache Desai, from his facebook page


We are surrounded by a world full of beauty and LOVE. In spite of our disappointments and the tragedies of life, the gifts of this life are in abundant supply. Many of us are too engrossed in other things to focus on the beauty and LOVE of this world. Many of us have learned a way of life called judging and evaluating. We are taught to break things down into their component parts and to view everything as part of some hierarchy.

There is another way of looking at the world around us. Wholistically, gently, with care and respect. Instead of learning the names of everything, we might learn the gift of each thing around us. Native Americans found plants growing in each region that could cure all the diseases of that region. They treated the four-leggeds, the finned, the winged ones, the creepers and crawlers all as their brothers. It was all designed by Creator to work together for good, for LOVE, for beauty. We were given everything we needed and were only asked to be respectful and thankful and not to take more than we needed, leaving enough for others and to reproduce.

Acceptance requires us to suspend judgment. That which we viewed as tragic, we accept. That which we viewed as triumphant, we simply accept. Always grateful, we know that change is inevitable. We accept change, knowing there is a higher order.

“God, show me a new way to view life, allowing and accepting instead of judging and evaluating. Help me see the beauty all around me and the LOVE embedded in all reality. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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