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“As you align to LOVE, to be expressed as LOVE and, consequently, to demonstrate your consciousness in LOVE, you are offering yourself to the world.”

The Book of Knowing and Worth, Channeled by Paul Selig, p. 156


As I grow in my understanding of myself as LOVE, I realize that I am an expression of divine LOVE. Therefore, I not only express my own LOVE, but divine LOVE expresses through me. I am an aspect of divine LOVE. I am LOVE incarnate, LOVE as me. I am the LOVER to all that I see before me today.


I become responsible to all I come in contact with, not just a select few who are close to me. I choose to honor each one that I see before me as a creation worthy of LOVE. I move into my cosmic role, beyond my roles on this earth, as carrier of divine LOVE. I have come to this earth to bring LOVE here. Divine LOVE.


Isn’t this what I came here for? Didn’t I always know that my mission was greater than my roles here? I didn’t come here just to have fun, to amass great wealth, or to make my mark. I came here on a divine mission, with a higher purpose, and only that can give meaning to my life.


I use every tool I can find to raise my vibrations and to fulfill my divine mission here. To become the pure conduit for divine LOVE, bringing that LOVE into this world, through acceptance, tolerance, and appreciation. Holding all in LOVE. Seeing all through the eyes of LOVE.


“God, thank you for using me to bring LOVE to the world. I remember who I am, what I am, and how I serve. Help me align my every thought, word, and action to your LOVE. Help me choose LOVE every moment of every day. Thank you, God. I LOVE you.”

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