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Something will grow from all you are going through and it will be you

“Something will grow from all you’re going through and it will be you.”

Author unknown, quoted from Incredible JOY facebook page

Our lessons in this life are largely hidden from us. What we think of as terrible circumstances in our lives are often lessons or opportunities for accomplishment which we chose and desire. It is hard for us to imagine that this is true, from our earthly perspective.

One near-death experiencer received a message of comfort and reassurance many years after her NDE. One of her children was suffering through a terrible part of her life, the details of which she didn’t share with me. But she did share that, at a time when she was distraught about what her child was going through, she was shown a message from the Realm of LOVE and Light. In her higher vision, she saw a filmstrip of coded information, which she was given to understand meant this: “Everything your child and all involved in the situation are going through is for their highest and best good.”

Can you imagine being given that message every time your or your loved one’s circumstances are difficult, painful, tragic, or unconscionable? This message comforted that mother and helped her tolerate the intolerable. Can we also learn to tolerate and accept the intolerable in our lives by realizing there is a higher purpose in everything that happens?

“God, help all who are suffering. Help us also to trust this world you have created, even as we work diligently to raise our vibration and that of the Earth so we don’t have to keep learning lessons the hard way. Thank you for LOVING us through it all, helping us rise above some challenges, but being with us through those we don’t rise above. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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