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Discover self love “The greatest gift that you can give to the world is to fall in love with yourSelf unconditionally.”

Mystic Francis Griffin, on his facebook page 8/26/14 

I say I love myself, but how much time do I take out of my busy day to show myself how much I LOVE me? How many times do I say sweet things to myself? I would want a lover to express LOVE to me, so I must express my LOVE to myself. I’ve never done this before.

“You sweet thing, you have such a big heart, and you care so deeply for those you know. Even your facebook friends whom you’ve never met. And you express your LOVE to people often. I am so glad to know you and to spend time with you.”

Why is this important and not self-indulgent? It is important to treat every soul with respect and LOVE. We are all parts of the One LOVE, each a different expression of LOVE. There is so much LOVE for us in the universe. How can we not honor ourselves and others that much? If we learn how to treat ourselves—what feels good and warm and what doesn’t—we will learn how to treat others.

I am still working on loving myself unconditionally. It seems that I am my greatest critic. I want so badly to do everything right and well. But, why do I want that so badly? Is it because it will make the world a better place or will help others? No. It is because I don’t want to embarrass myself any more. My ego wants to be perfect so no one can criticize me. Is this a good motive? A higher motive? No.

“God, help me stop taking things personally and LOVE and accept myself. Help me sing LOVE songs to myself, not wishing someone else would, but LOVING myself in the process. Help me show more LOVE to myself and to others. The more I say it, the more I feel it. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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