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You are the universe but society teaches limitation

“We live in a conscious, loving universe. There is ONLY love.”

The Trust Frequency by Andrew Bailey and Connie Marlow, p .23


Near-death experiencers return to their bodies with reports of visiting a realm of LOVE and Light, where everyone and everything is filled with LOVE and Light. In this heavenly realm, all people are filled with LOVE and Light, and there are no lower earthly emotions. There is only LOVE.

When Andrew and Connie, authors of The Trust Frequency, proposed that the entire Universe is only LOVE, I could relate to that concept because some near-death experiencers I quote in my book, Revelations of Profound Love, report that everything is made of LOVE. And many near-death experiencers return understanding that we are all One, that there is no separation as we on Earth believe. And people who have personally experienced these things come back to Earth with altered ideas about how they want to live here. They often change their lives, their professions, and their values, to reflect what they have learned is most important. They say that LOVE is the most important thing in this life, as well as in the heavenly realm.

Connie and Andrew teach that the entire visible and invisible Universe is conscious and LOVING, not only the heavenly realm. This is consistent with the way near-death experiencers behave after they return to their bodies. They bring the heavenly paradigm with them, in their human bodies, and no longer see the Earth the way the rest of us do. They know better and they behave differently. Can we all learn a better way to live without going to heaven? Andrew and Connie believe we can.


“God, if I am part of a conscious, loving Universe, I want to reflect nothing but LOVE while I am here. Help me to honor my LOVE and higher consciousness here on Earth. Thank you, God. I love you.”


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