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You have within you more love that you understand

“You have within you more love than you could ever understand.” –Rumi

LOVE is not something we can understand with our mind. LOVE is not of this world, but it is in this world. LOVE originated in the invisible world, and so did you. God created each of us as a soul in the invisible world. And God created us from LOVE. We were created in God’s image in that we are capable of creating from LOVE also. Everything we create from LOVE is good and is part of our eternal energy. Those things we create without LOVE are left behind when our physical bodies die.

Everything created was created from LOVE, according to near-death experiencers. I have heard that everything is created in the invisible world before it is created in the physical world. While the invisible world is still filled with only LOVE, the physical world has duality. Free will allows us to express not-LOVE as well as LOVE.

Your higher self, your soul, is part of the invisible world’s infinite LOVE. All the LOVE of the Universe is available to you while you are in your physical body, but when you are in your mind you can’t grasp it. Meditation is one of the best ways to touch into that infinite LOVE and bring the awareness of it into your body. However, your mind cannot understand it. The human heart is capable of knowing much more than the human mind. To grasp all the LOVE that is in you, you must go beyond your mind.

“God, give me the ability to grasp the LOVE that is within me. Keep me connected to your LOVE so my LOVE may stay strong. Help me always choose LOVE. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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