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Anger is an acid Dont hold on to it

“The Divine Self that you are does not hold grudges. They are as loved as you are by the divine and they are having their expression. Put them before you and see them as they are: an aspect of the divine seeking its own expression, divine love incarnate.”

The Book of Knowing and Worth, channeled by Paul Selig, p 170


I am grateful that the Divine does not hold grudges. Near-death experiencers report that there is no retribution in heaven. The only judgment there is from ourselves during our own life review, which is for the purpose of learning, not blaming. In fact, they say, there are no lower emotions in heaven. Its vibrational level simply doesn’t accommodate anything lower than LOVE. They say that all souls care about and LOVE each other and wouldn’t dream of harming one another.


It is comforting to know that all hard feelings we might have had for one another here are forgotten once one or both of us ascend to heaven. Hard feelings here often overlay our LOVE for each other with anger, resentment, and even hatred due to some of the challenges that are presented by our current order of things. When I hear that Earth’s vibrational level is increasing as light is beamed to Earth and her inhabitants, I am hopeful for a new order here on Earth, more like that in the realm of LOVE and Light.


I look for LOVE, kindness and generosity to blossom in my heart as I soften my vision and see the LOVE that surrounds me at all times. I can choose the world I see and respond to each day by choosing to soften or harden my heart and my vision.


“God, create a new heart within me, one attuned to your LOVE and Light. I ask you help in seeing with new eyes and feeling with a softer heart, so I recognize the LOVE and Light already in this world. Help me let go of all grudges that keep my vision and heart hardened. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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