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“Anyone who deals with the public may be susceptible to the toxic parts of guilt and shame. Part of the healing which is being called forth by these people often has to do with the fear of being humiliated in front of other people. However, they may use shame to torture themselves to keep themselves small so they never have to subject themselves to the potential of humiliation.”

http://www.2014tappingworldsummit.com Cheryl Richardson 2/24/14

As I learn to LOVE myself and feel worthy of LOVE, I will release thoughts and beliefs about myself that are preventing me from fully expressing and enjoying LOVE.


A powerful technique for eliminating physical or emotional pain is called EFT, for Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping. Part of this technique is anchoring the thought “I deeply and completely LOVE and accept myself,” by saying it out loud while tapping on the side of my hand. Any issue, such as guilt and shame, can be diminished and often eliminated through this technique.


I identify the issue I want to work on and give it a name. Then I anchor the thought, “Even though I have this pain, I deeply and completely LOVE and accept myself,” while tapping on the side of my hand. Next, I tap gently on acupressure points on my face and upper  torso while digging deeply into the pain the issue causes me and its ramifications for my life. I speak out loud, while tapping the various points, voicing my pain.


For example, “This fear of shame that is complicating my life, which holds me down and keeps me from enjoying public speaking, which makes me feel unworthy and hopeless,” until I have stated every thought I have about how debilitating this issue is to me and my life and have tapped on all ten points. Then, I take a deep breath, and observe my pain to see if it has decreased and how much. I may repeat this process until the pain is gone.


“God, I believe you deeply and completely LOVE and accept me, and I want to deeply and completely LOVE and accept myself. I want to use tapping to eliminate any pain associated with the past, my fears, and all issues that arise during my day. I ask your help in accomplishing this goal. Thank you, God. I LOVE you.”



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