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Choosing a loving perspective“Choosing a loving perspective initiates a new language that empowers and infuses life with love.”

Harold. w. Becker, posted on his The Love Foundation page 

Every moment of every day, I get to choose whether I will have a LOVING perspective or not. Sometimes I choose to and sometimes I forget to. I don’t think I ever consciously choose not to LOVE. But sometimes I try to and don’t feel a thing. I can still intend to LOVE and say I LOVE, which may be better than nothing, but I always want to feel LOVE in my heart.

Harold W. Becker says that choosing to LOVE initiates a new language. For me, choosing to LOVE initiates new feelings. I haven’t learned this new language. But, if my body speaks, I know that language.

I have been using words to express my LOVE to myself. I am using the language of LOVE that I have learned from receiving LOVE from others and also from LOVE songs from the 1950’s. I even sang myself a LOVE song to the tune of the Blue Danube Waltz on the car radio. It went like this: “I love you, I do, I do, I do. I love you, I do,” keeping time with the music. Then, I started wondering who was speaking LOVING words to whom. It seemed like a higher part of me was singing to my present incarnation as Ann. Maybe my soul or my higher self was expressing LOVE to the current “me.” I like telling myself I LOVE me and saying other complimentary things to myself. It makes me feel good. Learning a vocabulary of LOVE can bring more LOVE into our lives.

“God, I want to bring more LOVE into the world. Help me to choose a LOVING perspective every day and to deal with every challenge. I want to remember to ask “What would LOVE do?” And to choose to follow the promptings I receive when I ask. I want to speak LOVE to myself and others. Help me do so gracefully. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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