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Focus on LOVE and realize you already are One with Great Spirit“Be the silent watcher of your thoughts and behavior. You are beneath the thinker. You are the stillness beneath the mental noise. You are the LOVE and joy beneath the pain.”          Eckhart Tolle                                                      


I am LOVE. I am LIGHT. I am JOY. My LIGHT body tingles when I think of myself this way.  My vibration rises when I acknowledge my true self.


Near-death experiencers talk about the luminescent body they have when they leave their physical body and rise into the realm of LOVE and LIGHT. It is somewhat transparent, but has the same shape as a human body. Later, some may also experience themselves as balls of LIGHT, or orbs. Some living people are photographing orbs now, both indoors and outdoors, which may very well be people in their LIGHT bodies.


When I am in my physical body, I still have my LIGHT body with me. It fills and extends beyond my physical body. My LIGHT body is not visible in the spectrum of LIGHT that adult humans are normally capable of seeing in our culture. But, there are those who can see “auras.”


“When you begin to feel as if you are an Alka-Seltzer frothing, then you will know you are acclimating and your energy is shifting and you are rising in frequency,” says Paul Selig in I Am the Word.* When I share these truths with others, I often feel the tingling. This helps me remember that I am the consciousness of the LIGHT body, within my physical body, beneath all thought.


“God, I am made of your LOVE and LIGHT. My LIGHT body is of higher vibration than my physical body, and represents my true self more fully. Help me remember to identify with the LIGHT and choose the LIGHT, no matter what. Help me feel the tingling of my LIGHT body often and remember that I am the LOVE and joy beneath all thought and pain. Thank you, God. I LOVE you.”

* I Am the Word, channeled by Paul Selig, p. 72.

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