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“Remember who you are.”

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Who are we, really? We are receiving information from near-death experiencers, and others, that we are so much more. So much more than we were taught. So much more than we thought. So much more than we can even imagine. Who we really are is only partly of this Earth. Another part of us, the eternal part, is not from Earth. We are from the stars, the universes, from God projecting God’s self. We are from another dimension, outside time and space, where LOVE reigns supreme. In fact, where LOVE is all there is. And our eternal part is LOVE and Light. And the Realm of LOVE and Light is our eternal part’s true home.


Some refer to this eternal part of us as our soul. But our soul has non-Earthly characteristics, such as being in several places at one time, during which time all the parts are able to communicate with each other, those outside and those inside time and space. The eternal part of us is also called our spirit, and it is what animates our body while it is inside our body. Once our body dies, our spirit is freed to return to its eternal home.


The ability of the soul to fragment into separate lives, while maintaining a portion of itself in the Realm of LOVE and Light, is hard for us to imagine. Another challenge is accepting that our purpose on Earth, and throughout our eternal existence, has to do with LOVE. Being LOVE, giving and receiving LOVE, noticing all the LOVE there is, and accepting LOVE, from God and humans. There is so much to learn about LOVE.


“God, I am so grateful that you created me by LOVE, of LOVE, for LOVE. Help me remember that I am so much more than I normally think. Help me fulfill my soul’s purpose in being here. Help us understand who we really are and remember where we came from and why we are here. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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