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accept everything about yourself

“To LOVE myself just as I am is to accept God’s evaluation instead of my own. I am right now as LOVED and worthy of esteem as I ever shall be, already infinitely LOVED and respected.”

Rev. Robert Wright, quoted by Elizabeth Sherrill in Guideposts, April 2014

How many of us think we need to “improve” ourselves? Of course, we want to deliver all our gifts to the world, and we want to fulfill our chosen purpose for our lives, but why do we think we must change to achieve these goals? “Self-improvement” certainly has been embraced by our culture in this day and age.

We seldom stop to realize that there is a reason we are exactly the way we are. If we were supposed to be different, God would have created our souls different and we would not have chosen to incarnate as we are. There is a reason and a purpose for everything, according to near-death experiencers. They not only believe this when they return, they know this is true. They also return knowing how infinitely we are all LOVED and respected, exactly the way we are. The Rev. Dr. Robert Wright preached the words above in Westminster Abbey in London, but somehow he knew the same truth that near-death experiencers know. Perhaps he, too, paid a visit to the Realm of LOVE and Light.

So, the next time someone offers you a way to “improve” yourself, you might think twice and perhaps instead spend more time investigating the awesome being you already are.

“God, thank you for your infinite LOVE for us all. Help us understand that we are each a part of an intricate and beautiful dance. We each have gifts and challenges which make us unique and which bring spice to life. Forgive us for ever having thought of ourselves as unloved and for not having LOVED ourselves as we are. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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