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Hugs are powerful Hug often Hug well

“Hugs are powerful. They can mean the difference between feeling connected or isolated. Between hope and despair. Never underestimate the power of a hug or your ability to ground another person long enough for them to catch their breath to see the possibilities they may have missed. Hug often. Hug well.”

From facebook 4/24/14

Hugging is a wonderful way humans have of sharing their LOVE with one another. A hug communicates with another person in a way that words cannot. A hug connects you to someone, heart to heart, and allows you to embrace with a closeness that words seldom achieve. Even in heaven, hugs are a way to connect with another. Except, in heaven, two beings walk right into each other and merge their energies completely, in order to hug.

 Sometimes men have a hard time understanding the purpose of a hug and how to hug. They confuse hugging with sexual interaction, and this may deprive them of the joy of a non-sexual, comforting, merging of energies as a way to say, “I care.” Hugs that are too short or too weak or too strong don’t work as well as longer hugs that allow you to relax into one another’s bodies and feel the succor and nurturing.

Babies remember the safety of their mother’s wombs and love to be held or wrapped firmly. Even autistic individuals crave being pressed firmly and snugly.  My dog feels safer during thunder storms in her thunder shirt, which wraps her body tightly.

Some hugs are not returned satisfactorily, but some are met with appreciation and a wonderful hug in return. I will keep hugging.

“God, thank you for giving me people to hug. It is a great joy and very satisfying to give and receive a good hug. Hugs feed my soul and my body. I ask for more hugs and more opportunities to give hugs. Thank you, God. I love you.”


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