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“If God be for us, who can be against us?”                                    Romans 8:31b KJV


Sometimes it is my own thoughts that pull me down into the lower vibrational levels of hurt, shame, and despair. If another person looks at me funny, I may spend hours, days, even years wondering what I did to offend them. The more time I wallow in my worry, the less time I have for rising into the higher vibrational levels of LOVE, joy, and peace.


Can I break the cycle of negative thoughts about myself? Can I stop beating myself up for imagined slights? Can I desist from torturing myself for unknown mistakes? I formed the habit of worrying about offending people, and I can replace that habit with new habits. Because habits are unconscious, I need to find ways to recognize when I am worrying.


I tend to be very sensitive to other people’s feelings, especially sadness and negativity. Not only do I feel their pain acutely, but I tend to pick up their feelings myself. People who avoid me pain me deeply. I choose to be less sensitive. When I think nobody will have compassion for me unless I am hurting, I hurt a lot.  I choose to learn to have LOVE and compassion for others when they are not hurting and to accept LOVE and compassion when I am not hurting.


What shall I think instead of, “Oh, dear, I must have offended someone again”? I can choose LOVE, for myself and for the other person. I can pray for those I think don’t like me. I can release my fear of disgracing myself and my negative assessment of myself more rapidly each time it comes up. I can say, “Thank you, God,” every time I worry. I have many tools in my arsenal now to raise my vibration instead of dragging myself down.


“God, you have watched me form these habits. I ask your guidance and assistance in replacing them with constructive habits that raise my vibration. Alert me when I am letting my own thoughts pull me down, and support me in not hurting myself any more. Thank you, God. I LOVE you.”accept everything about yourself

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