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Weve all been sent from above to learn how to love

“Well, Dave, I sure got a surprise after the doctors declared I was dead. I’d always thought death meant the end of one’s life. You know, you people on earth are a lot deader than we are. . . . I now know that there’s a Higher Power and that God and Love are one and the same and these are the only things that matter in the whole damned universe. Most of what we think is important when we’re on earth—getting ahead, being successful, making it big in business or politics or a profession, making a lot of money, achieving high rank—are just chaff that the wind blows away. What really counts is what you did for others—how much you loved beyond yourself—how much you really loved and how well!”

Dave’s father, quoted in The Eternal Journey by Lundahl and Widdison 

Dave’s visit from his father took place while Dave was still grieving deeply for his father, who died from encephalitis contracted from a mosquito bite. Dave had survived service as an ambulance driver during World War II, and his father’s death seemed so senseless. Then, one evening as he lay in bed, he saw the image of his father in his room. His father looked great: tanned, lean, and handsome. Dave was taken aback, but was reassured by his father’s humor: “In the words of Mark Twain, the reports of my death are highly exaggerated.”

Although Dave’s father came back primarily to convince Dave to stop grieving, he shared what he learned about LOVE since going to the afterlife. He discovered that God and LOVE are one and the same and are the only things that matter in the whole universe.

How different is that from the way we live our lives today? How have we become so misguided that we believe that getting ahead of others is more important than sharing with others? There must have been some strong brain-washing done to us to get us to override our hearts and believe such nonsense.

“God, remove the blinders from my eyes so I may see the truth of what we have created. Help us learn to honor our hearts and their guidance instead of listening to voices in our heads that mislead us. Help us bring your LOVE back into prominence on Earth. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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