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Life will break you But you have to feel and love Louise Erdrich

“Nobody loves me, nobody cares,

Nobody picks me peaches and pears.

Nobody offers me candy and Cokes,

Nobody listens and laughs at my jokes.”

Shel Silverstein


Do we all doubt ourselves and our worth? Am I the only one who harbors fear that I am really not worth much? That nobody loves me? That nobody cares? That I am not worthy?

LOVE isn’t based on worldly worth. LOVE isn’t based on how good I am. LOVE doesn’t judge and evaluate me. LOVE just is.

LOVE existed before me and LOVE is all around me. LOVE pervades the atmosphere and LOVE forgives me. LOVE is enough. LOVE is everywhere. Everyone is LOVE. Only LOVE matters.

I don’t have to do anything to give or get LOVE. I just am LOVE. And so is everyone else. Where two or more are gathered together, there is LOVE. I can’t go anywhere that LOVE is not. I can’t do anything to deserve no LOVE.

All my fear that I am not worthy and that nobody loves me is irrelevant. Everybody LOVES me because they are LOVE. It has nothing to do with me and how lovable I am. I am LOVE, so whoever is with me receives my LOVE. Whoever they are, even if they are acting very unlovable. I think sometimes I act unlovable to test people’s LOVE for me. I may test them, but they are not capable of being less than LOVE, even if they hate me. And vice versa.

“God, learning of your LOVE for us all was my first glimpse into the reality and pervasiveness of LOVE. Now, I want to accept LOVE, not only from you, but from all your children. Thank you for creating us in LOVE, with LOVE, and for LOVE. Help me let the LOVE in. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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