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The soul isnt young or old Billy Fingers fb

“The soul isn’t young or old.”

Billy Fingers, channeled by Annie Kagan in The Afterlife of Billy Fingers


It’s funny how we earthlings can make everything in our image. We live in a world of duality, where we assign hierarchical status to everything. In our world, we truly believe that one person is better than another, so we assume that one soul is better than another. It is difficult for us to conceive of a place where all are equal and equally LOVED and cherished.


When we hear about the LOVE that heaven holds, from near-death experiencers, we can’t understand that LOVE truly is unconditional for everyone. We can’t understand that nobody is banished based on their behavior on earth.


Yes, near-death experiencers have reported a realm after death which is the epitome of what we think of as hell. However, it is not because of one’s actions on earth that one may find oneself there. It may be because of one’s beliefs, though there is no known criteria for choosing that realm over heaven. My only consolation is that those who ask to go to heaven, after finding themselves in a hellish realm, are allowed to do so or they return to their bodies.


Since there is no time on the Other Side, no soul can possibly be older or younger than any other. Thinking of ourselves as young or old souls is a way of assigning a hierarchy to souls. There may be different realms on the Other Side, but one is not better than another. They are just different.


“God, help us accept that your realm of LOVE and Light is different from earth and follows laws different from earth’s laws. Help us grasp that there is no time, therefore eternity. There is no space, therefore infinity. There are no hierarchies, therefore equality. There is no negativity, therefore only LOVE. Thank you, God. I love you.”

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