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About the Author

Ann Frances Ellis, Ph.D., feels she has been guided all along the way to write

Ann Frances Ellis, Ph.D.

Revelations of Profound Love. It is based on her doctoral dissertation, which examined 478 near-death experiences to learn about the love reported so often by those who returned from heaven. She concluded that seven primary themes emerged from their reports:

We don’t die,

The nature of profound love is greater than we ever imagined,

Profound love has higher qualities,

Profound love emanates from many sources,

We are all one and love is our essence,

There is a reason and purpose for everything,

In life, love is most important.

She also compared what near-death experiencers reported with the texts, primary and secondary, of three world religions. She was able to find evidence of all the above conclusions within each religion. She believes it is likely that every world religion has realized these truths.

She has degrees in Mathematics (B.A.), Computer Science (M.S.), Divinity (M. Div.), and Religious Studies/Comparative Religion (Ph.D.). She is a licensed minister.

Her first career was as computer systems programmer/database system researcher/data communications network manager for the U.S. Navy. Her second career was as a hospital/hospice chaplain. Her third career is as author/owner of Trail of Hope Publishing.

Here is a video of the author presenting to the IANDS Conference 2010 on the doctoral dissertation on which her book is based.

3 Responses to “About the Author”

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  2. Helen Siciliano says:

    Dear Ann, I have just watched your interview on Fox T.V. and have also accessed your comments at a IANDS conference and I am thrilled for you. I plan to buy two more books as gifts, however, I would prefer to have you reap the entire cost of the books. Please advise as to the best way to accomplish this. I neglected to ask when I spoke with you. Again, I wish you much success. Quite an accomplishment! Peace and Love, Helen

  3. Robert Mays says:

    Congratulations Ann! This is great accomplishment! And it’s available just in time for the Holidays…