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Dearly beloved,

Ann Frances Ellis, Ph.D.

Welcome to the Revelations of Profound Love  home page, where we look for love in all life. We listen to many voices, including those who have been to heaven and returned to tell about the power of love

My book — Revelations of Profound Love: New Insights into the Power of Love from Near-Death Experiences — will bring the power of love into your life!

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This book can bring LOVE into your life. It is filled with wonderful stories of an incredible love for all of us. People who have gone to heaven and returned can never forget the love they received and the reassurance they felt that they are always loved. They say we are never alone, that our love is the greatest gift we can give, that love never dies, and much more.

Reading this book can transport you into that world beyond time and space where the love is unconditional, non-judgmental, and all-inclusive, holding peace, compassion, joy, and all knowledge.

If you know anyone who is grieving a loss or needs more love in their life, you may wish to give them this book as a gift.

We all can benefit by remembering what this book reminds us — who we truly are and how deeply we are loved!

Blessings and love to you,

Ann Frances Ellis


5 Responses to “Dearly beloved,”

  1. Jules says:

    Ann Frances, I love the book! Thanks for publishing Revelations of Profound Love. I’m a former Lawton girl, transplanted first to Northern CA then to upstate NY where we live on a farm with llamas. I hope you write more, and thank you for sharing God’s Divine Love with us all. Here’s a prayer I use, please take it and share with everyone:

    Spirit is all powerful. Here’s the prayer:

    In the Name of Jesus Christ, I call the Angels of God to encircle us now. I cover the (situation, person, place, thing, Earth, Universe) in the Blood of the Lamb. (See the purple amethyst sparkly stuff cover the situation, person, place, thing, Earth, Universe with your inner eye). In the Name of Jesus Christ, I BIND the situation, person, place, thing, Earth, Universe. (See the net thrown over it, by the encircling Angels, and now it’s covered, and bound. Nice package! Now you will see the grey floaty things float up off the rest of the package, they are covered, bound and cannot move). I send these beings to God and His Angels for reprogramming and reprocessing. (See the tunnel from Heaven sucking up these nasties right off the planet, to recycle and reclaim them as the once beautiful beings of God that they were before getting off balance). In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

    This prayer is powerful in dreams, when approached by creeps, in real life, when faced with gangs, bad people, nasty vibes, lizards…When at a fire and someone is freaking out, pray this over them. Use it along with your favorite Reiki symbol and see the fireworks!

    Love to all of you!

    Jules Harrell
    photonicgirl at hotmail.com

  2. ellisann says:

    Review appearing on Amazon.com March 13, 2013: (Thank you, Dr. Peter, for this lovely review!)
    5 out of 5 stars
    “Distilling wisdom from the NDE data”
    By Dr Peter (psychiatrist)

    I must confess I have had a fascination for reading books on NDE’s since coming across Raymond Moody’s book “Life After Life” at medical school in the late 1970s. It countered the philosophically thin but pervasive materialism of University science courses at that time.

    I have read many books since, and talked to friends, acquaintances and some patients over the years who have had NDE’s or similar experiences. I myself had a minor NDE after an accident a few years ago that provided me with subjective data (void plus tunnel and choice to return before reached end of tunnel) that helped further validate the reality of these experiences to my mind.

    I have also read hundreds of raw NDE accounts on NDERF or at the IANDS website or at NHNE website and others. In my own mind I was putting together the pieces of a vast jigsaw puzzle about the nature and meaning of this multiverse that we inhabit.

    Thus I found Ellis’ book excellent in that she has distilled the main message from the NDE literature. That we do exist in a multiverse where Love is the ultimate meaning and indeed makes the many worlds go round. Ellis writes with clear prose and the book is nicely ordered around longish in depth NDE accounts that illustrate different aspects of how Love operates backed by smaller excerpts from other accounts.

    If you are open-minded and questioning this area and want to get the distilled wisdom of hundreds of NDE accounts and are not driven like some such as I to read all the raw accounts – this book does an excellent job researching the data for you. If you want to be inspired and comforted, this book also does that too, but without sentimentality or hype.

    Those who are strongly wedded to a materialist paradigm or to a religious doctrine that specify doctrines of salvation that are less than complete unconditional Love – will struggle with this book and the data it presents. They are the ones who really need to read it, and some of them with more open minds and hearts hopefully will.

  3. Terry Bullock says:

    Ann: After reading the material presented about your book – I can with certainty say – you are the very presence of your revelations. Thank you for stopping to talk with me at church.
    What you are saying here is exactly what has been revealed to me in my solitary search for PURE truth – No wonder they call Unity New Thought folks “seeker of truth”. That’s all there is.
    Can’t even wildly imagine a world without Love – that’s all there is. How grateful I am to have been blessed with my Faith in Love. Doesn’t even have to be returned…The only true power there is. And thank you for your kind and thoughtful invitation to join The Lunch Bunch. May I please have a raincheck…Let’s have coffee sometime and let me talk of my thoughts…So many as I have been journaling for years…and ideas for another book for you to write.

    With love overflowing,
    Terry Bullock

    • ellisann says:

      Bless you for your kind words.
      How did you know about another book for me?

  4. ellisann says:

    Sweet Ann!!
    Again, thank you for writing your book!!
    I just finished it!! I am so full of Light and Love just from reading this!!
    Bless you!!